Pan European  ST1300  STX1300  Pan-European ST1100 2005 2006

Time Distance Instruction
10:300.0 1   Depart Kerzelare on N8 [Kerzelare] (East) for 1.7 km
10:321.7Bear RIGHT (South) onto Holleweg for 0.1 km
10:321.9Continue (South) on Boigneberg for 1.4 km
10:343.3 2   At near Maarke-Kerkem, bear LEFT (East) onto Ten Dale for 0.5 km
10:353.8Turn LEFT (North) onto Varentstraat for 0.3 km
10:354.0 3   At near Varent, continue (North) on Varent for 1.2 km
10:375.2Turn RIGHT (East) onto N8 [Hauwaart] for 1.1 km
10:386.3 4   At near Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke, bear RIGHT (South) onto N454 [Stene] for 2.5 km
10:418.8Turn LEFT (East) onto Essestraat for 0.2 km
10:429.0Continue (East) on Hessestraat for 0.2 km
10:429.2 5   At near Schorisse, stay on Hessestraat (East) for 0.2 km
10:439.4Continue (East) on Foreest for 0.7 km
10:4410.1 6   At near Schorisse, continue (East) on Omer Wattezstraat for 0.3 km
10:4510.4Bear LEFT (East) onto Ganzenberg for 0.4 km
10:4510.9 7   At near Steenberg, stay on Ganzenberg (North) for 0.5 km
10:4611.3Continue (West) on Korteberg for 0.4 km
10:4711.7Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto Beekkantstraat for 0.7 km
10:4912.4Continue (North-East) on Steenberg for 0.1 km
10:4912.5 8   At near Steenberg, stay on Steenberg (North-East) for 0.4 km
10:5012.9Turn LEFT (North-West) onto Bosstraat for 0.4 km
10:5113.3Bear RIGHT (North) onto Kruisstraat for 100 m
10:5113.4 9   At near Steenberg, stay on Kruisstraat (North-East) for 30 m
10:5113.4Turn LEFT (West) onto Groenstraat for 100 m
10:5213.5Bear RIGHT (North) onto Local road(s) for 20 m
10:5313.5Bear LEFT (West) onto N8 [Heerweg] for 1.1 km
10:5414.6Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto Bovenstraat for 0.4 km
10:5515.0 10   At near Sint-Kornelis-Horebeke, stay on Bovenstraat (North) for 0.9 km
10:5615.9Continue (North-East) on Bovenstraat [Meersestraat] for 40 m
10:5615.9Bear RIGHT (East) onto Sint-Kornelisplein for 100 m
10:5716.0Bear RIGHT (East) onto Haaghoek for 0.4 km
10:5716.4 11   At near Sint-Maria-Horebeke, stay on Haaghoek (East) for 1.5 km
11:0017.9Turn LEFT (East) onto Leberg for 1.2 km
11:0219.1Bear RIGHT (East) onto Pottenberg for 0.5 km
11:0319.6Continue (East) on Lepelstraat for 0.5 km
11:0420.0At roundabout, take the SECOND exit for 40 m
11:0420.1Exit roundabout onto Lepelstraat for 0.1 km
11:0520.2 12   At Elst, stay on Lepelstraat (East) for 1.5 km
11:0621.7 13   At near Michelbeke, stay on Lepelstraat (East) for 90 m
11:0721.8Bear RIGHT (South-East) onto Heksteelstraat for 50 m
11:0821.8Bear LEFT (East) onto Groenstraat for 0.3 km
11:0922.1Bear LEFT (East) onto Riedeplein for 0.2 km
11:0922.3Bear LEFT (East) onto Berendries for 0.3 km
11:1022.6 14   At near Boekendries, stay on Berendries (East) for 0.8 km
11:1123.4Continue (East) on N462 [Brakelstraat] for 0.2 km
11:1123.6 15   At near Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, stay on N462 [Brakelstraat] (East) for 0.6 km
11:1324.2Turn LEFT (West) onto Oudenhovestraat for 0.8 km
11:1425.0Continue (North) on Sint-Goriksstraat for 0.5 km
11:1525.5Bear LEFT (North-East) onto Ten Bosse for 0.4 km
11:1625.9 16   At near Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove, stay on Ten Bosse (East) for 1.5 km
11:1827.4Bear LEFT (West) onto Kruiswaterplein for 20 m
11:1827.4Bear RIGHT (North) onto Smisstraat for 0.3 km
11:1927.7Bear RIGHT (West) onto Slijpstraat for 0.4 km
11:2028.1 17   At near Sint-Goriks-Oudenhove, stay on Slijpstraat (North-West) for 1.4 km
11:2229.5Turn RIGHT (East) onto N454 [Rijkestraat] for 0.4 km
11:2329.9Turn LEFT (North) onto Kluisstraat for 0.6 km
11:2430.5 18   At near Strijpen, stay on Kluisstraat (North) for 0.3 km
11:2530.8Bear LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) for 0.5 km
11:2631.3Bear RIGHT (North) onto Paddestraat for 0.3 km
11:2731.6Bear LEFT (North-West) onto Ruddershovestraat for 1.1 km
11:2832.7Turn RIGHT (East) onto N46 [Provinciebaan] for 0.7 km
11:3033.4Turn LEFT (North) onto Lindestraat for 0.6 km
11:3034.0 19   At near Sonseinde, stay on Lindestraat (North) for 0.7 km
11:3134.8Continue (North) on Sonseindestraat for 1.6 km
11:3436.3Bear RIGHT (East) onto Houte for 0.5 km
11:3536.8Turn LEFT (North) onto Cijnsweg for 0.9 km
11:3637.7 20   At near Langemunte, stay on Cijnsweg (West) for 0.5 km
11:3738.2Bear LEFT (West) onto Local road(s) for 0.2 km
11:3838.4Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Frankenbos for 0.7 km
11:3939.1Bear RIGHT (North) onto N415 [Lange Munte] for 1.2 km
11:4140.2Turn LEFT (West) onto Gaversesteenweg for 0.3 km
11:4140.5 21   At near Het Heet, stay on Gaversesteenweg (West) for 1.0 km
11:4341.5Turn RIGHT (West) onto Muntestraat for 0.4 km
11:4341.8Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Ruspoel for 0.9 km
11:4542.7Continue (North) on Munteplein for 0.2 km
11:4642.9Turn LEFT (West) onto Torrekensstraat for 0.4 km
11:4643.3 22   At near Munte, stay on Torrekensstraat (South-West) for 0.3 km
11:4743.5Turn RIGHT (North) onto N444 [Hundelgemsesteenweg] for 2.9 km
11:5046.5Turn LEFT (West) onto Molenstraat for 0.4 km
11:5146.9 23   At near Kwenenbos, stay on Molenstraat (West) for 1.1 km
11:5348.0Bear LEFT (West) onto Gaversesteenweg for 1.4 km
11:5449.4 24   At Steenberge, stay on Gaversesteenweg (South-West) for 0.9 km
11:5650.3 25   At near Melsen, stay on Gaversesteenweg (South-West) for 0.6 km
11:5750.9Bear RIGHT (South-West) onto Leenstraat for 1.8 km
12:0052.8Turn RIGHT (North) onto N452 [Grenadierslaan] for 2.3 km
12:0255.0 26   At near Eke, stay on N452 [Grenadierslaan] (West) for 100 m
12:0355.1Turn RIGHT (North) onto N60 [Nieuwesteenweg] for 1.1 km
12:0456.2At roundabout, take the FIRST exit for 80 m
12:0556.3Exit roundabout onto Steenweg for 0.8 km
12:0657.1Bear RIGHT (East) onto Landuitstraat for 0.5 km
12:0857.5Continue (North-East) on Local road(s) for 10 m
12:0857.6Bear RIGHT (East) onto Landuitstraat for 0.3 km
12:0857.9 27   At near Landuit, stay on Landuitstraat (East) for 0.9 km
12:1058.8Bear RIGHT (South) onto Kriekstraat for 0.3 km
12:1159.0Turn LEFT (East) onto Pont Zuid for 0.7 km
12:1259.7Turn LEFT (North) onto Veldstraat for 0.5 km
12:1360.1 28   At near Zevergem, stay on Veldstraat (North-West) for 0.8 km
12:1460.9Bear RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) for 40 m
12:1561.0Turn RIGHT (North-East) onto Grotesteenweg for 0.2 km
12:1561.1Turn LEFT (West) onto Den Beer for 0.5 km
12:1661.7Bear LEFT (West) onto Lange Groenstraat for 20 m
12:1761.7Bear LEFT (West) onto Polderdreef for 1.2 km
12:1962.9Turn LEFT (South) onto Graaf H. Goethalslaan for 0.3 km
12:2063.2 29   At near De Pinte, stay on Graaf H. Goethalslaan (West) for 0.1 km
12:2163.4Turn RIGHT (North) onto Koningin Fabiolalaan for 0.2 km
12:2163.6 30   Arrive Koningin Fabiolalaan

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