Pan European

10:300.0 1   Depart Voorburg on Zakske (South-West) for 0.1 km
10:300.1At roundabout, take the FIRST exit for 40 m
10:310.1Exit roundabout onto Minderbroedersstraat for 0.4 km
10:320.5Continue (West) on N453 [Minderbroedersstraat] for 0.3 km
10:320.8Bear LEFT (South-West) onto Local road(s) for 20 m
10:330.8Bear RIGHT (West) onto N453 [Minderbroedersstraat] for 1.7 km
10:352.5Continue (West) on N453 [Kortrijkstraat] for 5.0 km
10:417.5Continue (South-West) on Oudenaardsesteenweg for 1.7 km
10:439.2 2   At Kerkhove, stay on Oudenaardsesteenweg (West) for 20 m
10:449.3At roundabout, take the THIRD exit for 0.1 km
10:449.4Exit roundabout onto N8 [Bruggesteenweg] for 0.7 km
10:4610.1Bear LEFT (South-East) onto N36 [Kerkstraat] for 0.6 km
10:4710.7Turn LEFT (East) onto Parklaan for 80 m
10:4710.8 3   At near Kluisbergen, stay on Parklaan (East) for 0.5 km
10:4811.3Bear RIGHT (East) onto Bruggestraat for 10 m
10:4911.3Bear LEFT (East) onto Rozenlaan for 0.4 km
10:4911.7 4   At near Kluisbergen, turn RIGHT (South) onto Pontstraat for 0.3 km
10:5012.0Bear RIGHT (South) onto Broektestraat for 1.6 km
10:5213.6Bear RIGHT (South) onto Schilderstraat for 0.4 km
10:5314.0 5   At near Kwaremont, stay on Schilderstraat (South-East) for 0.6 km
10:5414.6Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto N36 [Ronsebaan] for 90 m
10:5514.7Turn LEFT (South) onto Ronde Van Vlaanderenstraat for 0.7 km
10:5615.4 6   At near Kwaremont, stay on Ronde Van Vlaanderenstraat (East) for 0.7 km
10:5716.1Bear RIGHT (East) onto N36 [Ronsebaan] for 1.0 km
10:5817.1Turn LEFT (North) onto N425 [Zandstraat] for 2.6 km
11:0119.7 7   At near Ronse, stay on N425 [Ommegangstraat] (East) for 3.4 km
11:0523.1Continue (East) on N454 [Ommegangstraat] for 0.9 km
11:0524.0 8   At near Louise Marie, stay on N454 [Louise-Mariestraat] (East) for 1.5 km
11:0725.5Bear LEFT (North-West) onto Ten Hautestraat for 0.3 km
11:0825.8Continue (North-West) on Tenhoutestraat for 1.2 km
11:1027.0Turn LEFT (West) onto Boskant for 60 m
11:1027.1 9   At near Kerkem, stay on Boskant (West) for 0.9 km
11:1228.0Turn LEFT (South) onto Vlaamse Ardennenstraat for 0.8 km
11:1328.9Continue (South) on Rubberigtsbank for 0.3 km
11:1429.2Turn RIGHT (West) onto Terbeke for 0.4 km
11:1529.6 10   At near Louise Marie, stay on Terbeke (West) for 1.2 km
11:1730.8Turn LEFT (South) onto Weitstraat for 0.6 km
11:1831.4Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto Holandstraat for 0.4 km
11:1831.8 11   At near Nukerke, stay on Holandstraat (West) for 80 m
11:1931.9Turn LEFT (South-West) onto Dieriksstraat for 1.4 km
11:2133.3Turn LEFT (South) onto N60 [Rijksweg Nr 58] for 0.4 km
11:2233.7Turn RIGHT (West) onto Kuitholstraat for 0.5 km
11:2334.3Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Zeelstraat for 1.4 km
11:2535.7 12   At near Zulzeke, stay on Zeelstraat (West) for 80 m
11:2635.8Turn LEFT (South) onto Zulzekestraat for 0.5 km
11:2736.3Bear RIGHT (West) onto Nophovestraat for 30 m
11:2736.3Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto Biesstraat for 0.1 km
11:2836.5 13   At near Zulzeke, stay on Biesstraat (West) for 0.3 km
11:2836.8Bear LEFT (West) onto Kalverstraat for 0.8 km
11:3037.6Turn LEFT (South) onto Ter Boekerstraat for 50 m
11:3037.6 14   At near Kwadestraat, stay on Ter Boekerstraat (South) for 0.8 km
11:3138.4Bear RIGHT (West) onto Kalkovenstraat for 0.4 km
11:3238.8Turn RIGHT (North) onto Middelloopstraat for 0.3 km
11:3339.1 15   At near Kwaremont, stay on Middelloopstraat (North) for 0.9 km
11:3440.0Bear RIGHT (East) onto Paterbergstraat for 0.4 km
11:3540.3Turn LEFT (North) onto Stooktestraat for 0.6 km
11:3640.9 16   At near Kwadestraat, stay on Stooktestraat (West) for 0.3 km
11:3741.2Turn RIGHT (North) onto Local road(s) for 30 m
11:3741.2 17   At near Kwadestraat, stay on Local road(s) (North) for 10 m
11:3741.2Bear RIGHT (East) onto Driesstraat for 1.9 km
11:4043.1Bear LEFT (North-East) onto Pladutsestraat for 1.2 km
11:4244.3Bear RIGHT (East) onto Walkenaarsweg for 0.4 km
11:4244.7 18   At near Rotelenberg, stay on Walkenaarsweg (North-East) for 70 m
11:4344.8Turn LEFT (North-West) onto Rotelenberg for 1.5 km
11:4546.3Turn RIGHT (East) onto Steengat for 0.1 km
11:4546.4 19   At near Rotelenberg, stay on Steengat (East) for 0.8 km
11:4747.2Continue (East) on Koppenberg for 1.6 km
11:4948.8Turn RIGHT (South) onto N60 [Rijksweg Nr 58] for 0.6 km
11:5049.4Turn LEFT (East) onto Local road(s) for 10 m
11:5149.4Continue (East) on Steenbeekdries for 0.1 km
11:5249.5Bear LEFT (East) onto Mariaborrestraat for 0.1 km
11:5249.6 20   At near Etikhove, stay on Mariaborrestraat (East) for 0.9 km
11:5350.5Bear RIGHT (South) onto Steenbeekdries for 0.2 km
11:5450.8Turn LEFT (East) onto Stationsberg for 0.7 km
11:5551.5Bear RIGHT (South) onto Nederholbeekstraat for 0.8 km
11:5752.3Turn LEFT (North-East) onto Boitsbank for 0.1 km
11:5752.4 21   At near Kerkem, stay on Boitsbank (East) for 0.2 km
11:5852.6Bear LEFT (North-East) onto Taaienberg for 0.7 km
11:5953.2Bear RIGHT (East) onto Poesthem for 0.5 km
12:0053.7Turn LEFT (North) onto Aatse Heerweg for 0.2 km
12:0053.9 22   At near Kerkem, stay on Aatse Heerweg (North) for 0.4 km
12:0154.3Bear LEFT (West) onto Langekouter for 0.8 km
12:0355.0Turn RIGHT (North) onto Bossenaarstraat for 50 m
12:0355.1Turn LEFT (West) onto Onderbossenaarstraat for 0.8 km
12:0555.9Turn RIGHT (North) onto Nederholbeekstraat for 0.4 km
12:0656.3Bear LEFT (North) onto Etikhovestraat for 0.6 km
12:0756.9Bear RIGHT (East) onto N457 [Maarkendries] for 100 m
12:0757.0 23   At near Maarkedal, stay on N457 [Maarkendries] (East) for 0.3 km
12:0857.2Bear LEFT (East) onto N457 [Gansbeekstraat] for 1.0 km
12:0958.2Turn LEFT (North) onto Eikenberg for 0.3 km
12:0958.5 24   At near Maarkedal, stay on Eikenberg (North) for 1.1 km
12:1159.5Bear LEFT (West) onto N8 [Geraardsbergenstraat] for 0.3 km
12:1159.9 25   Arrive Kerzelare

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